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Home Hvac Tips What You Need to Know About Zoned Air Conditioning in Your Los Angeles Home

What You Need to Know About Zoned Air Conditioning in Your Los Angeles Home

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Savvy Los Angels homeowners are finally catching on to the fact that zoned temperature controlled homes just make more sense. Yet, surprisingly, some locals still are unsure if it is worth the transition. The only possible explanation for anyone digging their heels in and refusing to get with the times, is that they simply have not gained insight as to why zoned air conditioning in Los Angeles is such an improvement.

There certainly are a lot of options available, when it comes to important home improvements. The average homeowner wants to install something new, fun or that adds luxury to their home and lifestyle. This is one reason that transitioning to zoning for the HVAC takes a backseat.

While we can't promise that this renovation will change your life, it will certainly enhance it. Find out more about what you are missing out on when it comes to zoning air conditioning in Los Angeles, and why it is time to implement this into your home.

The Right Choice for Every Home

Imagine if you only had one control for every light in your home. Your lights could be on, off or dimmed to a certain level, but all must be the same. If you are not zoning your temperature controls, this is, in essence, the same thing.

Traditional central air conditioning systems function of of one singular thermostat. This thermostat acts as the brain of the entire system. Each room in your home is controlled by this one thermostat.

A zoned system changes this by implementing two or more thermostats, each controlling a different part of your household, or zone. Each of these thermostats connects to a main panel but this provides you with the flexibility to have individual control over each zone. Sure, that sounds like no big deal, until you realize what this can do for you. A single thermostat home ends up having variations, even though the main temperature is set at one temp. A traditional system cannot take into account rooms with more sun or less insulation, for example. However, a zoned home will be able to make individual adjustments and make sure that all the rooms are at that temperature.

Or, if you would prefer to set rooms individually, you now have that option. Stop wasting heat in the basement or air conditioning for a room no one is in. This will save you money on your energy bill and make your home more Eco-friendly.

To find out more, you can count on your local Los Angeles air conditioning company experts - Home Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning.

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