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Home Hvac Tips A/C Air Flow Weak? Here Are 3 Reasons Why That Might Be

A/C Air Flow Weak? Here Are 3 Reasons Why That Might Be

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When you notice that your air conditioning's airflow has gone from a strong flow to barely a puff, you might sweat from the lack of cooling as well as the lack of understanding. Just what could have caused your air conditioning to suddenly lose its airflow like that?

A few things can, actually. And knowing what those things are is key to getting your air conditioning's airflow blowing strongly again once more. To get your A/C blowing strong once more, learn what issues to check for. And to learn what those issues are, just read on:

Holes in Air Ducts

This is the easiest potential cause to check for. If parts of your air conditioning's ductwork contain holes or if they are separated, much of your A/C's airflow will be lost. To check whether damaged air ducts are the cause of your weak airflow, you can perform a simple visual inspection of the ducts.

A Clogged Air Filter

More good news: Clogged air filters are also easy to check as a potential cause of your weak airflow. And even more good news: Clogged air filters are just as easy to address since they require a simple cleaning or replacement. If your air filters are saturated with dirt and the like, they are a cause of weak airflow, and you need to address them.

Issues with A/C Blower

It's not all good news -- or at least not easy fixes. If you've checked your air ducts and air filters and have determined that they are not a cause of your weak airflow, chances are you could be dealing with a faulty air blower. If you think your air blower is the cause of your weak airflow, call your preferred HVAC professional to check things out for you.

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