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Home Hvac Tips Ignoring Your Ductwork Could Be Your Biggest Problem

Ignoring Your Ductwork Could Be Your Biggest Problem

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When it comes to home heating and cooling, few people give their ductwork much thought. It's out of sight, out of mind and whoever heard of any serious problems starting in the ducts anyway, right? While the ducts may not be responsible for serious issues like electrical failure or potential fire hazards, they perform an essential function and should not be ignored.

It's common for Los Angeles homeowners to be preoccupied with other aspects of their home, especially when it comes to home improvement. It is much easier, and more personally rewarding, to focus on tasks like kitchen remodeling or new interior paint. However, what you don't know about your ductwork in Los Angeles, could end up hurting your home.

Common Problems With Ductwork in Los Angeles

The ductwork is something almost every homeowner takes for granted even though they do one of the most important jobs, as part of your heating and cooling system. Leaks in ductwork are a big deal, partly because it is not something that you can see or even hear. Water leaks are visible in plumbing. Even if the leak is in the wall or underground, you can hear running water and have an indication something is wrong. Leaks in ducts don't usually make themselves known, aside from elevated energy bills.

If your duct system was improperly designed or installed in the first place, you are going to end up with ongoing problems. According to studies, the average duct system is only approximately 50-60% efficient. This is due to fault layout plans and / or installation. This includes using the wrong size equipment.

Insulation is vital for keeping your home temperature controlled and more energy efficient. This includes making sure that your ducts are insulated, or the damaging results are similar to the air loss with a duct leak.

Believe it or not, even dirty air ducts cause problems but not with your energy efficiency. Dirty ducts lead to poor indoor air quality. The longer your neglect to have them cleaned, the longer your air recirculates through that same filthy duct system.

Making Major Changes

In order to put an end to letting your ductwork be a leading culprit in problems around your home, call on Home Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning to provide you with quality service. We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have and get you the service that you need. Get in touch with our Los Angeles air conditioning company today and let us provide you with ductwork service that will help improve your home, your energy bills and your health.

For more information on ductwork in Los Angeles, please call 323-308-5670 or fill out our online request form.