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Home Hvac Tips When Your Ductwork Is the Cause for Your A/C Problems

When Your Ductwork Is the Cause for Your A/C Problems | Los Angeles HVAC Contractors

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So, you’re experiencing air conditioning problems, and you’re just dreading the idea of paying to have your central unit repaired. Of course, you may not need to fear like that. After all, the problem could come from a relatively simpler source: your ductwork. Before you find yourself looking to your Los Angeles home’s central A/C unit as the cause for your air conditioning problems, you may want to stop and consider your ductwork. After all, problems with your ductwork can lead to many other kinds of air conditioning problems -- problems such as . . .

Poor Airflow

So, you’ve got the A/C cranked down just as low as you can get it, and you’re running it at absolute full blast. Why, then, does it seem like no air wants to come out of your vents? Naturally, your mind may go straight to your central unit as the source of this frustration. Perhaps something’s wrong with a compressor or some other component? Perhaps. On the other hand, the problem could (and likely is) the result of some problem in your ductwork. What kind of problem? Well, perhaps a portion of your ductwork has come loose, developed a hole, or otherwise is constricting airflow. So, when your vents barely blow out any air, you may want to consider your ductwork before you consider your central unit.

Unusual Odors

Has your home recently developed an unpleasant odor? Is this odor present throughout your entire home? If so, you may at first think that the problem could be due to something going wrong with your air conditioning unit. Maybe some Freon has leaked, or maybe you’re dealing with burning wire or something like that in your unit? More likely, though, you may be dealing with dirty buildups in your ductwork. Your ductwork can be a breeding ground for dust mites, mold, and other nasty buildups. When these buildups begin to circulate throughout your home, you could notice a definite decline in its overall odor.

Decreased Indoor Air Quality

Another problem occurs when your ductwork begins to circulate those buildups throughout your home: Your indoor air quality could decrease. Of all the problems that your ductwork could lead to, this is certainly one of the worse, as it could lead to many complications for you. After all, poor indoor air quality could lead to respiratory problems, persistent headache, general lethargy, and a whole host of other health complications. So, you’ll want to get a jump on the cause of decreased indoor air quality, and in many cases, you can bet that your ductwork is the cause.

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