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Tips on Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Company

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Are you trying to find a reliable air conditioning company near you? If so, our Los Angeles air conditioning company wants to give you a few tips about finding someone reliable.

First, consider yourself a consumer. Even though you're going to get mostly service out of the deal, you're still paying for different things like the price of a service call or full prices when you could be getting discounts and perks.

You deserve to get great service you can trust and all the perks possible from your air conditioning company. Here are several tips we want to share to help you choose the right air conditioning company.

Know Your Air Conditioning System First

Ask a homeowner what type of air conditioning system they own and you don't usually get an answer. If you don't know, look for the manual which is usually taped to the side of the air conditioner. Knowing the make and model of your unit will save you a lot of trouble when finding and choosing the right air conditioning company.

Ask The Air Conditioning Company If They Can Service Your Make & Model

Once you figure out what type of air conditioning system you own, make sure the air conditioning company can service your unit. Not all companies work on all makes and models of HVAC systems.

If you have something unusual like a central air conditioning system which is really a geothermal heat pump, you want to know they're qualified to do the work before you surprise the technician after they arrive for the service call. Otherwise, you may just be paying them for doing nothing but showing up and leaving.

Ask If They're Licensed & Insured

You can ask an air conditioning company whether or not they're licensed and insured but you won't know for sure if they are until you check their licensing and insurance information. You can look up the contractor's license information online for your state but the insurance is harder to check. It's best to get a copy of their insurance certificate so you can verify that they are indeed insured and for how much.

Find Out If They Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee & Get The Details

You always want to get a satisfaction guarantee from the air conditioning company. You should be covered if something goes wrong with the work they did.

Make sure you get the details about the satisfaction guarantee or warranty they offer. You don't want to be surprised by the fact that their guarantee isn't enforceable depending on the circumstances involved so get something in writing and read the fine print.

Ask If They Offer Perks Such As A/C Maintenance Plan Discounts & Financing

Getting perks like a priority placement when you need air conditioning repairs is a real plus for a homeowner. However, getting discounts or finding an air conditioning company who's having a sale on new installations isn't as much of a priority as finding one who's qualified and experienced to do the work. Many air conditioning companies will offer maintenance membership plans with perks:

Priority Service Placement - Lets you be placed at the top of the service list when you need air conditioning repairs.

Financing - Financing is often offered by an air conditioning company who partners with a lender. This is very helpful when facing major A/C repairs or a replacement installation.

Service Discounts - Many maintenance plans will allow you to get discounted services. Some air conditioning companies also offer straight discounts to all their customers.

Sales - You may be able to find an air conditioning company with a sale going on for new installations. Just make sure they can install a quality brand you'll like and that they do good work because the workmanship will affect how well your unit works.

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