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SoCal HVAC Specialist Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to be known as a reliable air conditioning company who serves the Temple City, CA community. With our more than 20 years of experience in the residential HVAC field, we've been able to build a solid reputation for providing high-quality customer service and workmanship to our customers.

Our Temple City air conditioning company started in 2003, combining the talents of long-time professionals who came together with the goal of increasing the basic standards of what qualifies as exceptional service. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand our clients need service they can trust in every way.

With SoCal HVAC Specialist Heating & Air Conditioning, you can always expect the highest level of service from our Temple City air conditioning company. Give us a try today by setting up an appointment for repairs or service. We'd love to meet you and are excited about the opportunity to become your go-to local pro!

Central Air Conditioning

We can replace your central air conditioning system when the time comes, or we can help you install a brand-new system in your Temple City home. We handle everything involved including the ductwork installation.

Central Heating & Heat Pumps

Our air conditioning company works on all makes and models of central heating systems including heat pumps. We repair, install, and service geothermal heat pumps and air-sourced heat pumps for homes in Temple City.

Geothermal heat pumps use the temperature below ground to heat and cool your house, so a good portion of the system is underneath the ground or submerged in a pond near your house. Not all HVAC professionals have the skill and equipment to install, service, and repair geothermal heat pumps but you can count on us for service. We're well equipped with everything we need to assist you.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Another specialty system we're about to service, repair, and install is ductless air conditioning. If you own a ductless air conditioner or are interested in a ductless installation, just give us a call to get a quote! We offer competitive prices and expert workmanship!

Ductwork Installation & Repair

Since your ductwork is such a major part of how your home is heated and cooled, it's important to keep the ductwork in good shape with regular ductwork service and repair. Our service maintenance involves inspecting your air ducts for leaks and sealing them if found. We also provide duct cleaning to remove blockages and improve your indoor air quality. If you know of a problem that needs repair, or you'd like to set up service, we're happy to assist you.

HVAC Service Maintenance

Maintenance for your HVAC system should be set up at least twice per year depending on your indoor air quality and the size of your home. Some heating and air conditioning systems need more regular HVAC service. If it's time to set up maintenance for your equipment, let's get started with an appointment!

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Our team of experienced technicians offer complete service for your central air conditioning equipment. If you need repairs or maintenance service today, just give us a call or use our online form to schedule service.