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Meet Your Local Garvanza Air Conditioning Company


As the premier choice for Garvanza air conditioning company services, SoCal HVAC Specialist Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to the customer experience. Our job is to take care of your related service needs. Our goal is to do so in a manner that ensures your total satisfaction.

Living in a climate like this means needing regular air conditioning service in Garvanza that you can depend on to work; AC is not a luxury here. In order to make sure that you always have access to a functional cooling system, you need to have an industry professional you know you can call on.

We can take care of installation, repairs and service for a variety of important heating and air conditioning systems. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you have to choose between quality workmanship or affordable pricing. By making the wise decision to work with our air conditioning company, you can have the best of both worlds.

Finest Air Conditioning Company in Garvanza and Surrounding Areas

It would not make sense to partner with a company that does not even offer you all the services that you are likely to need, for both your conditioning and your heating. While we may not use heat very often, on those cold or damp days you want it, nothing else will suffice to get out the chill. Some of what we offer includes:

  • Ductwork Installation – In fact, one of our areas of specialty just happens to be HVAC installation for older homes, which often includes ductwork. Older homes offer a unique beauty and charm, but rarely come with modern amenities like central heat and air. Let us rectify this for you.
  • Ductless Service – Of course, another option is to go ductless. Get the same benefits of central heat and air conditioning, without the need for installing ductwork.
  • Zoning Repairs – Having a zoned heating and cooling system just makes sense. It prevents those unwanted hot or cold spots and helps you save money on your energy bills. However, this is only true if your system is in proper working order.

The Heating & Air Conditioning Company in Garvanza You Can Trust

The bottom line is that we want to be able to help you keep your home comfortable and safe. The best way for you to make this possible is to give SoCal HVAC Specialist Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We promise to treat you with the same level of care and respect that we would want – if not more.

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